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לוגו מיכל בלאו
לוגו מיכל בלאו
מיכל בלאו

Photo: Smadar Kafri

Hi :) and nice to meet you.


I'm Michal Blau. A licensed architect, Graduated the School of Architecture at Tel-Aviv University (B.arch), and have a master's degree in architecture from Tel-Aviv University (M.A).

I worked in recognized offices and specialized in urban planning, building planning & design, private houses and interior design. I wrote for years in "XNET" and still write for pleasure from time to time.

These experiences led me to open the studio that specializes in warm minimalism and functionalism,  maximum use of resources (budget, time, existing material such as furniture) and full collaboration with the clients.

​A house/apartment/space should be tailored to its users, fit their needs like a glove, be practical but also beautiful and aesthetic

Looking forward to hearing from you


or call: 052-3421301

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