Givatayim Apartment      -     Bring the light in

After a two-year search for an apartment, the couple, a musician and an architect, settled down in Givatayim, a little city near Tel-Aviv. The interior walls were tore down and a new layout & design was formulated, focusing on opening the space, utilizing minimalism and bright colors. The dark and crowded apartment became spacious, full of natural light and a green view.

Size: 80 square meters

Photos by: Gidon Levin

01 - Entrance

02 - Kitchen

03 - Living Room

04 - Dining  Room

05 - Bathroom

06 - Bathroom

07  - Bedroom

08 - Music Room/Guests Room

09 - Office 

Contractor: Noam Haim

Carpentry:  Yakov, shimon, 


Sanitary Ware:  Mody
Lighting:  KarmeyTcelet, 
Asaf Weinbroom
Furniture: IDdesign, SimplyWood, TollmansDot
Carpet:   Carmel carpets

 Michal Blau Architecture & Design    T052.3421301     MAIL:                                                                                         Design by MichalBlau      2019

Giv'atayim Israel